World-class private security.
On location in 60 minutes.


Elite, professional security – available for any need

Mobile Armed Guards


Secure office buildings, valuable transfers, apartment complexes & more with patrolling armed guards

Standing Armed Guards


Safeguard your special event or secure facility with 24/7 protection by our highly-trained armed guards

Private Protection


Our specialized bodyguards keep VIPs and executives safe in every situation

Private Investigation


Highly-trained, licensed investigators – equipped with the latest technology.

Professional, efficient & experienced. For when you need the best in the business.

26 Years of Industry Experience

24/7 Customer Service

Our world-class dispatch center is available anytime you need us – day or night, weekdays, weekends, and holidays. With Quality Security Services, you get full peace of mind knowing we’re ready with friendly, personalized support. It’s one more way we protect your peace of mind.

Elite, Trained & Licensed

Whatever your security needs, our world-class team is up for the job. Our experienced and highly-trained Security Officers are available both armed and unarmed, in uniform, plain clothes, or business attire. Every security officer is state-licensed, and current and retired military/law enforcement professionals are available for high-level requests.

Seamless Digital Reporting

Want to know what’s happening on the ground? You get full transparency with our daily digital reports, including photo/video, GPS data, and officer-tour-verification with time stamps. Communicate instantly with our management team via Microsoft 365, and view constantly updated KPIs.

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Any location. Every scenario. We safeguard your most valuable assets.

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About Us

Dedicated to your safety, since 2017

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How is QSS different?

It’s about trust.

When you choose a private security partner, trust is everything. That means you should never have to settle for inexperienced guards, unclear reports, slow response times, or shoddy customer service. Unfortunately, with most private security agencies, that’s exactly what you get.

Quality Security Services is different. We were founded in 2017 to deliver the professionalism, efficiency, and high-touch service that you deserve. It’s why everything we do – from the hiring of our employees to our seamless digital reports to our 24/7 customer support – is best-in-class. In short, we’re here to put the trust back in private security.

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  • 26+
    Years of industry experience.
  • 90
    90 minutes or less for entire metro area.
  • 100%
    Of security officers are licensed.

Kickstart your career with a

world-class security service.